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mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

The weirdest and most exaggerated 5 Ice Bucket Challenge

I'm sure that everyone at least have heard once of Ice Bucket Challenge, the challenge where every person nominated has to have to throw on himself a bucket full of ice and cold water. After that the person as to donate some money to a faundation that fight the ALS and nominate other three people. The idea was born to promote the donation to the association who fight the ALS, involving celebrities and also normal people. Obviusly there are people who have done the challenge only to get noticed,others who have donate, and others who have done something particular and different and some who have exagerate. Here there are some

Pernell Karl Subban, Montreal Canadiens' defender

Antony Carbajal for sure have done a funny video but also have spoken indeed about the thematic è riuscito a fare un video divertente ma anche parla veramente della tematica

Paul Bissonnette,hockey player , have done things in a big

Kermit the frog joins the challenge

Here the famous italian footballer  Davide Moscardelli  now at  Lecce (italian third league) how does the challenge only at his beard

Here the site of the faundation Vialli Mauro who fight the ALS

p.s. sorry for my mistakes

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